Guys are able to achieve their orgasm quicker than women. While women can have multiple orgasms, the fact is, it is very hard to climax for them, though.

Females can reach a climax in two ways. That is through vaginal or clitoral stimulation, and it is two types of orgasms – vaginal and clitoral. Some women have difficulty in differentiating these two at the moment when they are getting a climax.

A woman may or may not reach orgasm. This is not strange. For many women it is hard to achieve a climax, it is a common issue. And you can surely change this situation. Here are the ways that will assist you to reach an orgasm.


Yes, relax. You shouldn’t think about what your man may be thinking about your body and how it looks during sexual intercourse. You just need to enjoy sex with your man.


Not enough lubrications will cause discomfort. Thus, you won’t get any satisfaction from intimacy. To solve this, just use lubricants. You can apply them before sexual intercourse.

Don’t skip the foreplay

Remember, it takes a longer time for women to get orgasm than men. Foreplay is a good warm up for you and your partner to act sexually.

Be adventurous

That’s right. Realize your sex dreams. Talk with your husband about this first, though.

Know your body

It is important to know your body. You should find erogenous zones of your body by touching yourself. After all, you will never know whether you want it slow and soft or hard and fast. It is very important to find your G-spot too. The spot is located behind your pubic bone, about 3-4 centimeters inside the vagina. Some women can also get an orgasm from stimulating other erogenous areas, for example, breasts, belly, neck and so on.

Hormone balance

Hormones do play a significant role in all of the major body processes. This includes your sexuality. Hormones can affect the amount of lubrication. And more importantly, a woman’s mood. You can ask your doctor about this and ask for methods to make sure your hormones are in the balance without using pills.

Let your partner help you

You should teach you man what you want him to do. You man will be happy to know how to satisfy you. Don’t make him experiment, which may leave you unsatisfied.

Help yourself

In case sex don’t bring you satisfaction, don’t scruple to caress yourself. Don’t worry; there is nothing bad if you do so.


Exercise will improve your sexual life. Good exercise will improve blood flow in the genital area and produce endorphins, improving your mood and eliminate discomfort. It doesn’t have to be hard, too. You can do Kegel exercises and exercises for your whole body in the gym.