Regardless whether you want to improve your fertility or just want to increase your ejaculation amount, boosting your sperm is what you need to do for sure. After all, plenty of sperm shows that you have healthy testosterone levels and overall health. Here are methods you can try to boost your sperm.

Eat right

Do you know that what you’re eat can influence your sperm count? To enhance your sperm quality, you need to consume low-fat food, a lot of fruits and vegetables, high proteins, and also whole grains and fatty fish. You should eliminate processed meats because it is not good for your sperm. This was even proved in studies. Eat healthily and boost your sperm.

Try a semenax supplement review boost

That’s right. You can try a supplement that increases sperm count. The regeneration of semen takes about 3 months. As a matter of fact, man’s diet, the regularity of workouts, how many toxins he get from the environment during these 3 months will influence sperm quality. So besides leading a healthy lifestyle and eating a healthy diet, you can enhance your sperm using pills for semen enhancement.

Exercise your muscle


While exercise may not influence your sperm count, it will help you to ejaculate further. And some men link this with masculinity and virility. So you should perform Kegels, and you will be able to throw down.

It is not just exercising specific muscles that might help you, though. According to a study in 2013, men who exercised often had higher sperm counts than those who didn’t. As the researcher noted, weightlifting has been shown to increase the level of testosterone as well as improve insulin sensitivity. Both of these have been related to higher sperm concentrations.

That’s right. Now, start pumping some iron!

Masturbate and have sex less often

Many men ask why their sperm changes its consistency and clarity? What influences on sperm thickness? Actually, it is easy to explain. That is if you frequently ejaculate then your sperm will be watery. Indeed. If you have frequent sex or you masturbate often, then your sperm count will be low. So, masturbate and have sex less often.